Our Planning Services 

Investment Planning

We review your current portfolio and make suggestions based on your time horizon and your
risk tolerance.

We then implement an investment plan based on your financial needs and update that plan
as appropriate.

Risk Management and Insurance Planning

We review the terms of your current policies and assess their relevance, and also help you
determine what other coverage(s) you may need.

Cash Flow and Budgeting

We review your current and projected income and expenses, as well as other relevant
factors, like debt and cash needs, to offer you an honest appraisal of your financial health
and build a spending and savings plan that coincides with your lifestyle.

Retirement Planning

We assist you in identifying your goals for retirement, and based on your current and
projected financial situation, provide you with a customized, comprehensive plan to reach
those goals. We work closely with you and your network of financial professionals to update
that plan as appropriate.

Estate Planning

We work side-by-side with you to put in place the necessary legal devices (powers of
attorney, wills, trusts, etc.) to efficiently and properly distribute your assets when you desire to
do so.

Planning for Loved Ones

We ensure that you are in a position financially to meet the current and potential needs of
parents, children, and/or other loved ones.

Tax Awareness

We coordinate with your CPA in order to develop tax efficient investment and income

Compensation Analysis

We help you understand the alternatives you have regarding stock options, restricted stock
units, or other methods of non-traditional compensation you may be entitled to, and how
those methods coordinate with your overall financial plan.

Coordination and Collaboration

We coordinate with other professionals to make sure that your plan is thorough and tailored
to your needs.

We communicate regularly with you (by phone or in person) to establish that a proper plan is
in place to respond to changing life circumstances accordingly.